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Contribution - CUWiP (Education & Diversity)
Contribution - PhysTEC (Education & Diversity)
Contribution - STEP UP (Education & Diversity)
Contribution - Education & Diversity Program (General)
Contribution - Mini Grants Program (Public Engagement)
Contribution - Physics Quest Program (Public Engagement)
Contribution - Public Engagement Program (General)
Contribution - Office of Government Affairs Program (General)
Contribution - International Affairs Program
Contribution - Matching Membership Program
Contribution - Unrestricted Program Fund
Contribution - Millie Dresselhaus Fund for Science and Society (Honors)
Contribution - Aneesur Rahman Prize (Honors)
Contribution - DGRAV Student Travel Grants (Honors)
Contribution- Stuart Jay Freedman Award in Experimental Nuclear Physics (Honors)
Contribution - Irwin Oppenheim Award (Honors)
Contribution - Jankunas Doctoral Dissertation Award in Chemical Physics (Honors)
Contribution - Thomas H Stix Award (Honors)

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